What Does Taking CBD Feel Like? How Discovering CBD Oil Changed a Decade of Chronic Pain

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Hi! This is Janice, one of the Co-Founders of Gorilla Weekend. My CBD journey started in mid 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. I was originally skeptical about the health benefits from CBD, but that didn't last long.


My Scoliosis Story: A Decade of Chronic Pain + Depression and Anxiety

I was diagnosed with s-curved scoliosis when I was thirteen, and had to wear a back brace everyday for two years. Before that, I had been a ballerina for most of my life and dreamed of making a career out of it. I never really had the toes to be a professional ballerina anyway so I probably would've chosen a different career path, but the doctor's message was loud and clear -- stick to low impact sports or risk making your back worse.

Me feeding a Wallaby in Sydney Circa 2011Two things started happening after the diagnosis - I started noticing that my lower back, neck and shoulders would become stiff more often and my sleep and mental health got worse as a result. I was off to Sydney, Australia a few years later and was caught up with university-life so I didn't really start paying attention to my health until I returned to Hong Kong in 2014.


Trying CBD for the first time

After years of physiotherapy, stretching and chiropractor sessions (amongst other things like acupuncture, yoga, etc), my mental health and pain threshold really hit a breaking point in 2020 when work from home meant longer hours cooped up at home in front of a computer screen.

Fortunately, around the same time I had heard that there was a lot of evidence pointing to CBD being great for pain relief and best of all, CBD without THC is completely legal in Hong Kong.

That's when I bought my first bottle of CBD tincture from a local shop.


My first CBD purchase:

  • Broad Spectrum 0% THC - 15ml bottle
  • This equals to 45mg CBD per 1ml serving.
  • I took it 1ml everyday in the morning - under the tongue or with coffee


What I felt after taking the CBD:

  • I felt very calm and relaxed
  • I felt very focused and hyper-productive. It felt like a fog that I didn't even know I had was lifted from my brain.
  • I did not feel high
  • And best of all...for the first time since forever, I finally felt no pain! 


My Experience with CBD a year later:


Since then, there has only been a few days where I experienced some minor pain, stiffness to my neck and shoulders on days where I had forgotten to take CBD or had experimented with a lower dosage. Gone are the days when I would be sitting down for dinner and having to pause to stretch my neck.


Here are a few of my conclusions a year later:

  • I did not experience any of the negative effects of CBD such as nausea, headaches, etc.
  • I kept my daily dose at 30 - 45mg CBD for 6 months before tapering down to micro dosing three to four times a week. For context, I weigh about 50kgs
  • But there was one thing that did bother me - I noticed that while using CBD oil helped dulled the pain, I could still feel some of the knots and stiffness in my shoulders...
  • ..but I found that using topical CBD and deep tissue massage completely removed all the knots!




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